Gamer Girl Forgot To Turn Off Live Stream While Pleasuring Herself

I am starting to think there is some hidden fetish out there where guys are paying money for these gamer girls to leave their cameras on and start getting naked.

Gamer Girl accidentally livestreaming herself masturbating is a unique form of porn.



NovaPatra is a girl who has been labelled hot gamer chick by the people of the internet. She broadcasts live streams of herself playing various video games. In one of her later streams, though, she did a little more than that when she left her camera on and started enjoying herself.”


This is obviously a set up. It is basically her job, after all. I don’t think anyone actually goes crossed-eyed in real life when they reach climax. This video has gone viral because some people seem to think it’s actually genuine. And according to some, this woman is actually a pornstar.


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Gamer Girl Forgot To Turn Off Live Stream While Pleasuring Herself
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