These 15 Old Medical Photos Will Make You Glad You Weren’t Born In The 1800s

Life today can have its ups and downs. You’ve got bills to pay, children to feed, and probably a mortgage. It can be a little overwhelming. But every now and then something reminds us that even with all these problems, we still have it pretty good.

Before modern medical science became widespread, the human body was a total mystery. Back in the 1800s, people were just beginning to understand how things worked. Compared to modern doctors, they were pretty much clueless.

Naturally, this led to some strange, and very misguided, medical practices.

1. Before anesthetics, all you got for surgery was a little ether.


2. Before advanced medication, mental institutions wrapped patients in wet sheets to subdue them.


3. Nothing cures the common cold like a little radioactive water.

vintage-medical-photos3 (1)

4. Physiotherapy was pretty weird back then.


5. Prosthetic limbs sure have come a long way.


6. As have radiology nurse uniforms.


7. This was what a defibrillator looked like back then.


8. Wheelchair design was still in its infancy.


9. Before doctors were allowed to touch female patients, women had to use anatomical models to describe their symptoms.


10. This probably isn’t the best way to treat scoliosis.



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