The Most Breathtaking Sunsets On Earth Revealed

It happens every single day, but somehow a sunset never loses its allure.
Nature’s version of a supermodel, they look divine from every angle, against any backdrop.

But some locations dotted across the planet enjoy spectacles of light which regularly enter the next stratosphere of sublime – from the deserts of Chile to the glaciers of Iceland – and warrant a voyage just to see for yourself.

Sunsets vary according to season and the viewer’s position on the globe. By the time we see one, the sun has already gone. The short-lived light we see is instead an effect of refraction.
But it’s the Earth’s atmosphere that determines a sunset’s array of rainbow colours. Molecules and small particles in the air alter the direction of light rays, causing them to ‘scatter’ and produce the fandango of hues.

MailOnline Travel  has rounded up the top 15 locations around the world to see and photograph the marvellous results of this effect.



















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