Watch A Truly Scary Natural Event Happening In Real Time That Will Give You Chills Down Your Spine

There are many natural phenomenons that usually happen in a very short time, but leave a big impact. One such phenomenon is a microburst that can be dangerous to aircraft and wherever it happens. Not many of them have been filmed or captured on camera in recent times and such things only happen when there is a tornado some place as these things travel opposite to the direction of a powerful tornado. But recently a cameraman captured it on film and the footage will give you chills no matter how many time you watch it.

1 What is a microburst?
A Microburst is defined as a small downdraft of water which moves in the opposite direction of a tornado. They are usually formed in extremely powerful thunderstorms and are of two types: dry microburst and wet microburst. Dry microburst is produced by high base thunderstorms result in virtually little to no rainfall to the surface. Wet microburst is produced by low based thunderstorms and carries lots of water with them which is dumped to the surface of Earth in a short period of time. These both microbursts are dangerous to aircrafts due to the high velocity of air that they carry with them and the water content in these microbursts. For instances the crashes of Delta Flight 191 in Dallas in 1985 was blamed on a microburst, as was Pam Am flight 759, a Boeing 727, in New Orleans in 1982.


One such microburst was recently filmed over the Phoenix city in Arizona.


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