What You Can Eat For $30 In Different Countries Around The World

If You are intersted what you can order for dinner in various corners of the world while only having $30 on you then this post is for you. We’d like to specify first that we used average costs (without tips and taxes) throughout the countries in middle-class restaurants. The results were quite interesting: here is what your order might look like for $30.





Switzerland is one of the most expensive European countries. This humble dinner is what you can get for the given sum of money in an inexpensive national cuisine restaurant. If you want something more nutritious, you can try out the Italian, Chinese, and Turkish diners that are in abundance here.



Culinary tourism is currently prospering in Japan because the food here is not very spicy and is acceptable for both Eastern and Western tourists. In addition, many restaurants here have at least one Michelin star. The most prominent cuisine is certainly the local seafood.



Italian cuisine is considered among the best in the world, but an inexperienced tourist will find it difficult to locate a restaurant where they can try out delicious meals for a moderate price. Home trattorias, osteria, and pizzerias with checkered tablecloths deep within the towns are the first choice of a real gourmet. Not only can you eat traditional Italian food here, but you can also have a taste of exquisite homemade wine.



It’s hard to speak of a national Canadian cuisine because it’s more of a mishmash of different cuisines brought in by immigrants from around the world. The difference in prices between big cities and small towns is drastic. In the picture is an order you can place in a small family restaurant in the Canadian capital for $30.



France is the most exquisite country in terms of cuisine. The prices vary depending on the level and location of the restaurant, just like anywhere else. This is a dinner you can have for the given amount of money in a pretty good inexpensive restaurant quite far from the city center. And wine is crucial to the order!



In Spain, for $30 you can have a full dinner at a cheap restaurant. Or you could have some traditional Spanish food with local wine in a tapas bar where you’ll get filled to the brim.



Jamaican cuisine is not only exotic and diverse but also quite moderate in terms of cost. Middle-class restaurants offer a meal like the one shown above, complete with gourmet seafoods, that would cost you at least twice as much in any European restaurant.



You can easily have a good hearty dinner at most Australian restaurants for $30. It should be noted that there are plenty of restaurants that don’t have a license to sell alcoholic beverages but allow bringing your own. Dinner in such a place will be much cheaper.










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