Jolie’s childhood nanny claims the actress is unfairly demonizing Pitt and using her children against him just as her mother

Angelina Jolie’s former nanny has broken her silence to dramatically call on the actress to end her war with husband Brad Pitt.
Devastated Krisann Morel says she is deeply concerned that the star is demonizing her ex and using her children as weapons against him – just like Jolie’s mother did when she was a kid.
Morel, 63, cared for Jolie during her formative years and was close friends with her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, before she died of cancer.
She said there are startling parallels between what is happening now and the star’s own troubled childhood when her mother cut off her famous father Jon Voight – leading to years of heartache and estrangement.
In an exclusive interview with, Morel said: ‘I’m speaking out because I want to send a message to Angelina, who I care about very much.
‘I want to tell her, “Please don’t cut Brad out of the children’s lives. Don’t use the children as weapons in your divorce. And don’t demonize your husband”.
‘Because that is exactly what your mother did when she was breaking up with your father. And the result was you had a lonely and traumatic childhood. Why would you inflict the same tragedy on your kids?
Jolie’s parents, Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight split in 1977, just two years after Jolie was born
Jolie’s parents, Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight split in 1977, just two years after Jolie was born
‘I am worried that Angie is repeating the past – repeating the same mistakes her mother made during her divorce – and I want to get this message across to her before it is too late.’
Grandmother and mother-of-one Morel opened up about 41-year-old Jolie’s troubling upbringing and how the vicious war that broke out between her mother and father still seems to affect her today.
She revealed that Bertrand could barely stand to look at her daughter when she was a baby because she looked so much like her cheating father, who ran off with a young drama student named Stacey Pickren.
And she said that the young star and her brother James Haven, 43 – raised by a coterie of nannies – were frequently used as weapons to attack their womanizing dad.
She said: ‘Angie to me was a very lonely and troubled child. Even before she was born her mother became convinced that her husband Jon was having an affair with Stacey.

‘It broke her heart and it made the atmosphere in the house very tense. There would often be furious arguments and things were rocky between them.
‘At some point they started renting an apartment above their own. I still remember the address – 468 South Roxbury in Beverly Hills.
‘It was supposed to be for Jon’s production company but Angie ended up living there with a team of nannies.
‘We are talking literally three floors above the one where Marcheline lived with her son Jamie.

Angelina Jolie’s former nanny Krisann Morel says she is deeply concerned for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s six children
‘And while her mother’s apartment was beautifully decorated with expensive antique furniture, Angie’s place was sparsely furnished with white walls and carpets. I used to call it the Ivory Tower.
‘There were so many helpers that she often had one nanny put her in bed at night and another one to wake her up in the morning.
‘I always thought that must be so unsettling for a child and Marcheline did not spend much time with her daughter during those early years.
‘She told me, “Angie looks so much like Jon it is hard for me”. She struggled to bond with her daughter in the same way she had with Jamie.
‘But I told her, “You have to pull it together for the kids”. And that’s what I want to tell Angie now.’
Jolie blindsided Pitt, 52, when she announced she was filing for divorce amid rumors he had been abusing alcohol and weed and cheating with co-star Marion Cotillard, 40.

Pitt is also being investigated by the FBI for allegedly attacking their 15-year-old son Maddox during a private jet flight over the United States.
Sources close to Pitt said that a smear campaign has been launched against him as his ex seeks sole custody of their six children.
And Jolie’s former nanny said that what is going on is all too familiar.
Morel first met the Lara Croft actresses’ mom when she was working as a waitress at the star-studded Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in 1975.
They met when Bertrand, who died of breast and ovarian cancer at the age of 56 in 2007, was pregnant with her daughter and struggling to balance her Hollywood career with raising her two-year-old son, James, known as ‘Jamie’.
Speaking from her home near Las Vegas, Morel said: ‘I was in my early 20s and I would often chat with Bertrand and her friends when they came to the restaurant.
‘One night they were stuck between a rock and a hard place finding a babysitter so one of them asked me if I could help out.
Jolie’s older brother, Jamie Haven, is also an actor and producer. They are pictured together at the Golden Globes in 2000
Jolie’s older brother, Jamie Haven, is also an actor and producer. They are pictured together at the Golden Globes in 2000
‘I said yes and after that I started working for the family on a regular basis. They had around six nannies in total and none of us were full-time, we just turned up whenever we were asked to and were paid three dollars an hour.
‘I didn’t think it was a good way to raise children as it meant the kids had this carousel of people around them were not given the consistency they needed.
‘But that was the system Marcheline put in place – and it seems to be the same one Angie has for her children now.’
Jolie’s father, Voight, 77, an Oscar-winning actor who made his name in hit movies including Midnight Cowboy, made every effort to visit his children after the couple separated in 1977, according to Morel.
But he was often barred from seeing them by Jolie’s furious mother, who never recovered from his betrayal when he left her for lover Pickren.
Jolie cut her father out of her life after she got her big break in Hollywood and even though they later reconciled, their relationship is said to be strained because she has never fully forgiven him for his cheating.
Morel said: ‘Marcheline was devastated and depressed. She had just had a baby and her husband, who she loved, had walked out on her.






‘She often asked me, “Why did he leave me for her?” I told her, “I can’t answer that”.
‘Marcheline was trying to regain her confidence as she was so deflated. She went to acting classes and was attempting to get her career as an actress going again.
‘I remember there were lots of big names in Hollywood who started to take an interest when she became single again – I once had to deliver a cake from Marcheline to the actor Burt Reynolds.
‘Jon was away working a lot but whenever he was around he made a real effort to see his children. He would call me and say, “Is Marcheline there, can I come over?” And it was Jon who made the effort to do normal things with them like take them to the park.

‘I was friends with both Marcheline and Jon, but I’ve always felt that Jon got the raw end of the deal.
‘Angie’s mom for instance, hardly ever cooked for her children and they would live off raw foods like avocado.
‘Jon was portrayed as this evil figure and Marcheline succeeded in turning both his children against him. But it led to years of heartbreak and wounds that still haven’t healed to this day.
‘And I’m so surprised that Angie is now doing the same thing to her children.’
Morel quit her job as Jolie’s nanny when the future star was three years old because she could no longer handle the chaos and bitterness in the house.
And her decade-long friendship with mother Bertrand ended in the mid-’80s when they lost contact.
She added: ‘Angie has abandonment issues that are still being played out now.
‘I don’t know Brad Pitt but he seems like a good person and he looks just like Jon, so this is an exact repeat of the past.
‘Angie doesn’t have any concept of what a normal family is like. Brad does, he came from one.
‘These kids have been through enough. Angie is trying to cut off their dad just like her mom did with her father. There is so little stability for these children as they travel so much – she is threatening to take away the one bit of stability they have.’


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