10 Most Bizarre Human Body Conditions

Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis. A very rare condition which grows red and brown tree-like warts on face, neck and body. No effective treatment is yet discovered.
Noma. Very dangerous and quickly progressing microbial illness that affects the mouth and the genitals.
Lymphatic Filariasis. The condition is caused by a parasitic worm that makes arms, genitals and legs swell up quickly. The treatment is not always possible
Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Causing hallucinations and disorientation, this syndrome is not harmful and is common in childhood.
Vampire syndrome. Causes the appearance of blisters and cramps each time the person sees the sunlight. The disease is inherited and cannot be treated.
Cutaneous Horns. No one can explain how this occurs, but it is believed to be caused by radiation. Most often affects the face and hands. It is believed to have a connection with HPV
Armpit hair infection. A man complained to the doctors about a very bad smell and dirt in the armpits. Yellow creamy substance was found there. It was caused by bacteria
Enormous Visual astrocytoma. This disease causes distorted eye which is a congenital case
Birth Defects Caused by Agent Orange. Herbicide Agent Orange was widely used in the last century by the US as part of its herbicidal warfare program. Over 5 million people were exposed to it.
Neurofibromatosis. This disease stops cell growth in the nervous system which can cause tumors in the nerve tissue. Usually happens in childhood.


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