Nipple piercing leaves cocktail waitress with one gigantic boob

A woman has been left with one gigantic breast after her nipple piercing caused a deadly infection.

Nikki Belza, 33, had her first boob job when she a 21 and has since spent £18,000 on two further surgeries to take her 32A chest to a whopping 32DDD.

After accidentally ripping out the bar of her newly pierced nipple earlier this year, Nikki woke in agony months later, despite the initial wound healing.
The pain became too much that Nikki ended up collapsing at work.

“I woke up on my birthday with some tenderness under my left arm and when I got to work the pain became excruciating,” she said.

“Being a waitress we lift a lot of heavy boxes so I just thought I had pulled a muscle, but when I got into work that day I was in agony.

“I felt like I was going to collapse and by the time my husband got there I couldn’t walk.

“He carried me to the car and we went straight to the hospital.”

When she arrived, she was shaking uncontrollably and was freezing cold. However after a few hours, the medication had kicked in so Nikki wasn’t deemed an emergency and was sent home.


But the next morning, she began to feel worse and by the time she reached the hospital again, her temperature had reached 104F – three times the average body temperature.

Nikki, from Las Vegas, US, had developed Streptococcal A, an infection she’d contracted from her husband CJ, 45, who had been suffering from a sore throat three weeks earlier.

“My breast didn’t look abnormal, it was slightly swollen but inside is where the damage was being done,” she said.

The bacteria triggered a deadly form of blood poisoning – sepsis – which ravaged Nikki’s breast tissue and led to surgeons removing her left breast implant entirely in a bid to save her life.

“When I woke up in the ICU I couldn’t look at my chest, I was completely devastated but so thankful that I was alive.

“The crippling pain had finally gone, but I was left with only one boob.

“They had managed to save my nipple but my left breast is now completely flat.”


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