10 celebrity couples who dispel the myth that first love is short lived

They liked each other when they first met in middle school or university and have been close ever since. The following couples have been together for years and have made it through all of their ups and downs, proving to the whole world that true love can last forever.
Today, we have compiled a list of 10 amazing celebrity couples whose love stories will leave you inspired.

Kate Middleton and Prince William


Kate and William met in 2002 at St. Andrews University in Scotland and dated on and off for nearly a decade. The couple got married only in 2011, leaving all their disagreements and rumors far behind. Now they have two children together and please their fans with good news.


Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson


Samuel is a world-renowned actor, famous for his role in Pulp Fiction. LaTanya is also an actress who starred in dozens of films and has a successful theater career. Jackson met his future wife in Atlanta in the ’60s when they were students at neighboring universities. They started dating in 1974 and married six years later. This celebrity couple has been in love for 42 years already. During their married life they raised their daughter, Zoe, and built one of the strongest celebrity families.


Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan


Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, a qualified pediatrician, have been together for 14 years now. The couple met in 2002 when they were students at Harvard University. Having married in 2012, they are now the happy parents of a beautiful daughter.


Anthony Mackie and Sheletta Chapital


The star of the Avengers movies, Anthony Mackie, tied the knot to Sheletta Chapital, his school girlfriend, in 2015. The young people have known each other since they were just seven years old. In 2009, Sheletta gave birth to their son.


Snoop Dogg and Shante Taylor


It may be hard to believe, but famed rowdy rapper Snoop Dogg still remains faithful to his first love, Shante Taylor. They were sweethearts from the time they were children and ever since then their 26-year relationship seems to have been getting stronger. Snoop Dogg married Shante in 1997, and they have a daughter and two sons.


Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley


The founder of American rock band Bon Jovi met his future wife, Dorothea Hurley, at a New Jersey high school. Dorothea, who was an excellent student, helped Jon, rather a rowdy boy, with studying. Right after graduation they moved in together. Hurley and Bon Jovi married in Vegas in 1989 and have been enjoying wedded bliss (and four kids) ever since.


Bono and Ali Hewson


Yet another rock star who wed his high school sweetheart is U2 frontman Bono. He and his to-be-wife began dating back in 1975 when they went to school together in Dublin (he was 15 and she was 14). The couple wed in 1982 and have been together ever since. Now they are parents of four beautiful kids. ’I met the most extraordinary woman in the world, and I couldn’t let her go,’ says Bono about his beloved wife.


LeBron James and Savannah Brinson


Famous basketball player LeBron James got hitched to his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson, while the two were attending a Catholic school, and he’s remained faithful to his first love ever since. James proposed to Savannah in 2011, and two years later they tied the knot.


Ron Howard and Cheryl Alley


Famous director Ron Howard (creator of the movies Changeling, The Da Vinci Code, and A Beautiful Mind) and his wife, Cheryl Alley, have a love story that began during their high school years. They spent so much time together that their parents became concerned that the two would forget about their studies and forbade the young sweethearts from seeing each other more than twice a week. The couple has been married for 41 years already.


Jeff Daniels and Kathleen Treado


Jeff Daniels, the star of ’90s cult films Dumb and Dumber and Speed, met his future wife while they were in high school in the small town of Chelsea, Michigan. Jeff and Kathleen got married when they were both 24 years old. The couple has been together for 37 years, and now they have a family of three children.


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