Brainwashed ISIS Suicide Fighter Jumps For Joy As He Wins Guessing Game And Become Next To Die

The young man celebrates believing he will be made a martyr by carrying out the evil cult’s bidding and jogs toward door of ‘suicide truck’

Brainwashed ISIS soldiers have been filmed drawing lots to choose who will be next to launch a suicide attack – with one young man jumping for joy when he realizes he will be next to die.

The sickening propaganda video released by the group shows a man holding out his two fists to two young fighters. One of the two extremists then taps his right fist and he opens it to reveal a stone – meaning he will launch the next suicide bomb. Apparently so convinced of his life after death he shouts and jumps for joy as a pal hugs him.

Beaming, he jogs over to the door of the suicide truck he is set to drive into ISIS enemies before turning to say goodbye to the rest of his friends. The section then ends as the man drives off. Later in the video a black plume of smoke can be seen rising in the distance, an apparent signal that the young man had died for the jihadists.


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Brainwashed ISIS Suicide Fighter Jumps For Joy As He Wins Guessing Game And Become Next To Die