10 People Going For The Weirdest Armpit Trend

Have you heard about this trend that started a while ago and still going on? Girls grow out their armpit hair and style them in the most strangest ways possible. When they’re matching with your hair colour!

This Artist Makes Balloon Dresses And This Is How They Look A Month Later

Molly Munyan calls herself a “self inflated balloon artist.” She creates cheerful balloon dresses and sometimes brightens up various events wearing them. These colorful garments, however, have one drawback – they deflate. According to the artist, the air evaporates in about a month. After that Molly finds other ‘models’ to wear her shrunken creations – …

Eyes As Canvas. Halloween Make Up Ideas

Halloween is around the corner! It is the time to get crazy with it! Halloween is definitely the best time to rock some special, artistic makeup! Get into the holiday creepy atmosphere with these dark themed eye-art works, whose author is Tal Peleg.

Incredible inventions that will change our lives

All kinds of new gadgets and devices are becoming ever more firmly embedded in our daily lives, making things more convenient and easier wherever we find ourselves — be it the kitchen, the office, our bedroom, or behind the wheel. Here’s a list of new inventions that are so brilliant you immediately want to shake their creators’ hands in gratitude.   A pocket lamp that looks like a credit …

Hilarious packages designed to lift your mood

Spreading happiness is easy — all you need is a bit of humor and creativity! The designers of these eye-catching products definitely know how to make customers smile. Cool and imaginative packaging makes all the difference — few people can resist inspecting such unusual-looking goods more closely. Yet another example that proves the wisdom of the ’Love what you do, do what you love’ motto! Always …

This new wedding dress trend will make your big day even brighter

White wedding dresses will forever be classic and timeless. But if a traditional style is just not your thing, here is a new alternative wedding trend that’s simply stunning: dip-dyed wedding gowns. All of the ladies have to admit that these gorgeous wedding dresses have captured our hearts. By the way, you can create the …

20 fantastic close-up shots that reveal a whole new world

An amazing other world, which we can barely distinguish with the naked eye or otherwise fail to notice amid the everyday bustle of our daily lives, is hiding right under our noses. Nowadays, thanks to the opportunities provided by modern technology to take close-up photos, we can acknowledge and admire the beauty of this world. …

10 Boob Tattoo Fails And Wins That Will Surprise You

Boob tattoes can be very confusing!

This Lovely Rocket-Shaped Fountain Pen Costs Just $20,000

Swiss premium writing tool company Maison Caran d’Ache and luxury watchmaker MB&F recently teamed up to create a limited-edition fountain pen that’s shaped like a rocket ship and comes in a launch pad box. Considering the theme, the astronomical price of $19,900 is actually not that much of a surprise. The Astrograph fountain pen is …

Crazy lingerie: You’ll Be Wondering Why Does It Even Exist

When normal is not your style. GPS lingerie – find me if you can. Faucet undies. Wedding night chastity bra. Breezy underpants. Tasty bacon bra. Lingerie that’s not just for ladies… Hairy lingerie… Super minimalistic strapless panty.