Photoshoot Interrupted When Drone Smacks Model’s Head And Gets Her Hair Tangled On The Craft

These posing twosome were giving the camera lots of love when they suddenly found themselves target of the unmanned craft. The beach babe was posing and smiling for the flying camera when it accidentally aimed straight at her head. The footage starts with two brunettes running out of the surf in bikinis on an unidentified …

Armed Robber Gets the Tables Turned on Him When He Is Forced to Clean Cars By Would-Be Victim

There is a considerable amount of satisfaction in witnessing poetic justice being served. A failed robbery attempt at a garage resulted in a funny scene when the would-be victim turned the tables on the masked crook by forcing him to clean the cars he was working on. Surveillance footage shows the masked robber escorting the …

11 things that all men do when no one’s watching

Men are mysterious creatures. For many of us, knowing what they do when they’re home alone is one of the great unknowns. We  tried to pull back the curtain for you a little with these fun illustrations. They dig deep into the Internet’s reservoir of knowledge They try out their girlfriend’s mysterious devices They watch women’s TV shows They hold business meetings with themselves …

How much do people weigh in different countries around the world?

The average weight of a human being is 62 kg (136 lbs). Fascinatingly, it turns out that the average weight differs significantly from country to country. There are many reasons for this, but it’s mainly down to the influence of local living conditions and the environment. Canada   USA   Japan   Germany   Vietnam …

10 Jerks Who Parked Horribly And Got What They Deserved

We all have seen those jerks who don’t know how to park properly. Once in a while, a horrible thought passed our minds, but we didn’t do anything. These photos show what could have happened.

Reasons Why Life In A Big City Is Very Disturbing

Cannibal pigeons. They’re real.   Because eating a pickle is no joke   Shame has a different meaning in big cities.

Super Scary Halloween Pranks For The Pumpkin Season

In case you wanna scare your co-workers, there are some things you might do! Make sure they’re not too sensitive!

10 Fails And Flops That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Nothing brightens the day like a fresh batch of fails. Doesn’t look very accessible to me.   Are you sure about that?   When you forget a certain word…   That’s one way to do it.   n case of fire, learn to fly.   Gym class has changed…   Just draw some random lines. …

10 Boob Tattoo Fails And Wins That Will Surprise You

Boob tattoes can be very confusing!

Sexy pop singer horrified to find boob hanging out of dress live on kids’ TV

Saucy model and actress Marian Rivera was performing on Filipino TV show SOP when the ultimate fashion disaster occurred. The brunette beauty was just getting into the swing of things when in the middle of her performance her boobs popped out. Poor Marian was so distracted by her energetic dance moves she didn’t realise her …